Lunches for Work

I’ve got into the bad habit of eating out for lunch when I’m working. Eating out at lunch is pretty expensive. No big deal, until you have a new car payment to worry about. I’ve decided to break myself of the habit, now that I’m once again car poor. (Never like those payments.)

My first step was buying myself a thermal lunchbox and some of those thin freezer packs to keep frozen and cold lunches cold until lunchtime. Now the hard part.

What do I buy or make that keeps me from getting food fatigue? Cup-of-noodles is good for once every other week. Leftovers sounds like a good idea, unless you have a house full of teenagers. Then, you don’t have leftovers.

Food fatigue will **ALWAYS** result in a relapse into eating out for lunch. I need variety, and only have a passing interest in “healthy” lunches. It had better taste good, or I’ll opt for the milkshake and fries.

I tried googling lunch ideas for work lunches, but google thinks I have two hours to prep my lunch every day, so I can spend 10 minutes eating it. I need extremely simple ideas that I have time for.

So here are realistic ideas that I can pick from. I’ll add to it as I come up with more.

Sandwich and chips
* PB&J … mmmm, I like
* cold cuts with cheese and lettuce/tomato
* tuna … nice with pickle relish

TV Dinners & pot pies


Pop-top canned soups with crackers

Hard boiled eggs w/ a sprinkling of pepper and salt

Frozen burritos or chimichangas

Make a fancy salad with eggs or chicken

Make a fancy meal on the weekend and reserve two lunches from it
* homemade chili with lots of cheese on top
* steak and potatoes
* potato bar
* homemade soup
* grilled chicken and rice
* some new recipe

Have some ideas, throw them my way in the comments section. If I use it for my own lunches, I’ll add it to my list.