Klaytn Links

As the Klaytn blockchain community grows, it gets harder and harder for me to keep track of interesting Klaytn related links. I am putting a few in this post, just so I can remember to look at them later.

Klaytn Home Page

This is mostly marketing spin and doesn’t get updated much. I check it occasionally hoping for news and updates, but usually am disappointed.


Watch the Klaytn blockchain grow in real time. Also, search the Klaytn blockchain for block numbers, account addresses,  transaction hashes, token names, and token symbols.

Klaytn Wallet

A wallet for Klaytn with enough disclaimers to make me feel completely unsafe using it, so I don’t. Using on a testnet without any real money involved should be fine for development and testing purposes.

Klaytn IDE

IDEs are a developer thing. Klaytn uses the Solidity language, like Ethereum does, for developing Blockchain apps.

Klaytn Docs

Even though Klaytn comes from South Korea, they kindly provide an English version of their Klaytn devolopers documentation.

Klaytn Staking Guide

This is a YouTube video, and getting a bit old, so follow at your own risk.

Klaytn Videos on YouTube

Lots of news, opinions, info on Klaytn. Unfortunately, most of it is in Korean. Look around and you’ll find videos in English, though.

KLAY/USDT on Gate.io

Great place to check the current price of Klaytn.